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How can I finalize my registration to ETHConference 2018 ?

How can I finalize my registration to ETHConference 2018 ? March 2nd 2018

You have created your personal account on, and that's the first step to register. Great!

But there is a necessary second step which will be required to finalize and validate your registration :

- From March 20 2018 onwards, an additional « button-to-click-on » will appear in your Dashboard (main page of your personal account);

- You will then just have to go to the page of the site to which this « button » will give you access, and follow the step-by-step process by specifying your registration options.

- To complete your registration, you will be asked to pay your conference registration fee online on a secure page dedicated to this operation.

- You will then be sent a confirmation of payment which will mean your registration to the Conference is completed and validated.

As a reminder, a discount on registration fees is guaranteed until May 10. The deadline for online payment of your conference registration fee is 10 June.

One last point to mention:

We strongly advise you to book your hotel in Lille well in advance, as the conference will be held at the same time as a major French festival in Lille: the annual Music Festival which will take place in the evening on 21 June 2018. We will have the privilege of enjoying this unforgettable cultural event, but it will also generate influx and many hotel bookings. Make your arrangements in time!