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International Conference
Investigating Transhumanisms and their Narratives


For a few years now, transhumanism has been a movement of thought whose influence can no longer be denied, both internationally within the media and in the academic, political, and economic worlds. However, recognising the emergence of a phenomenon is not the same as knowing it. Many questions remain unanswered about the very nature of transhumanism(s).

The purpose of ETHConference2018 is to analyze the current state of the art on these questions, exploring transhumanisms and their narratives. More broadly, the conference welcomes all abstract, panel and participatory workshop proposals related to “transhumanism”, “posthumanism, “hyperhumanism” and their many related topics. Proposals from a wide range of disciplines are warmly welcomed.

The Conference is organised in such way that it will enable different audiences (scholars, professionals, citizens, politicians,...) to intermingle, combining the ambition and usual components of a high-level academic event (talks, panels, round tables,...) and a thought-provoking off-conference range of artistic, pedagogical and cultural activities (audience-focused scientific workshops, participatory forums, ‘predictive justice’ debating, theatre performance, public discussion of a cult film, a transhumanism-themed escape game, and others). 

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  • 19 January 2018 : create your personal account and submit your proposals
  • 28 February 2018: administrative registration and fee(s) are open
  • 10 March 2018 : deadline for papers, panels, or workshop proposals.
  • 5 April 2018 : authors will be notified of the Scientific Committee’s decisions
  • 10 June 2018 : deadline for registration and registration payment

« Transhumanism is the philosophy that we can and should develop to higher levels, both physically, mentally and socially, using rational methods. » Anders Sandberg

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